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Automatic Transmission Fluid Test Data

Test Method: LVFA (Low Velocity Friction Analyzer)

  • LVFA measures friction between two clutch plates spinning relative to each other
  • As the relative speed of the clutch plates is reduced, the torque is measured
  • Indicates smoothness of shifting
Test Condition:
Pressure – 1.0MPa
Test Condition:
Temperature – 40, 80 and 120°C

LVFA Test Results:

  • Mass Market ATF: Frictional characteristics (μ) changed after 96 hours
  • Beck/Arnley ATF: Maintained frictional characteristics (μ) even after 300 hours

Beck/Arnley ATF maintains optimal shift characteristics

and has a longer service life than Mass Market ATF

Test Method:ISOT (150℃-240hr)

  • Measures stability in high temperature, high shear conditions

Beck/Arnley ATF’s superior Anti-Oxidation performance means

Beck/Arnley ATF has a longer servicelife than Mass Market ATF

Test Method: Shell 4 Ball Test

Test Method unit B/A ATF Market ATF
Size of wear trace 1500 rpm, 392N, 100°C, 60min mm 0.54 0.67
1800 rpm, 392N, 80°C, 30min mm 0.47 0.53
Load of wear start N 1,569 785
Load of Stick N 1,961 1,961
Load Wear Index N 604 346

Beck/Arnley ATF has better anti-wear performance

Beck/Arnley ATF protects the transmission better than a Mass Market ATF