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MB7 Hydraulic Fluid

Mineral Based


Beck/Arnley Premium Mineral Oil based Hydraulic Fluid is a superior quality formulation of powerful additives and carefully selected, mineral base oils for specific motor vehicle nameplates. Specifically developed for use in central hydraulically supported lever control, power steering, and shock absorbers.

MB7 HF (252-0027) has outstanding viscosity/temperature behavior providing reliable operation at both high and low temperatures. It has excellent aging and oxidation stability due to the carefully selected mineral base oils, which also helps to prevent corrosion, wear and deposits.

MB7 HF is mainly used in power steering systems of passenger cars before the 1980’s and 1990’s. Due to its special formulation, it must not be mixed with the fully synthetic hydraulic fluid used in later year vehicles.

Appearance Light Yellow
Density at 15ºC
Flash Point
> 100oC

Viscosity at 40oC  19 mm2/S
Viscosity at 100oC 6.8 mm2/S
Service Temperature Range -40oC to 130oC

NOTE: 252-0027 (MB7 HF) Premium Mineral Oil based Hydraulic Fluid must not be mixed with any glycol or silicon based fluids (i.e. brake fluids DOT 3/4/5.1 or DOTS).

Specific to:

Make Reference Number
Audi/VW A0E 041 020 10
BMW 81 22 9 407 549
81 22 9 407 025
81 22 1 468 879
81 22 9 468 879
Volvo 11 61 317

Product Data Sheet