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Dual Clutch DC-1 Transmission Fluid

Specific to: vehicles requiring Volkswagen’s Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) Oil

Beck/Arnley Premium OE Quality Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid (DC-1) provides slip-free high torque transmission rates and thus provides spontaneous and sporty shifting during the whole drain interval. The special base oil matrix provides stable friction level and maximum wear protection even under the most severe conditions.

Use Beck/Arnley Premium OE Quality DC-1 Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid in your DSG Volkswagen Transmission for superior protection and shifting performance experienced during everyday use and performance use.

Appearance Yellow/Brown
Flash Point oC (oF) >200 (392)
Viscosity at 40oC 39.7 mm2/s
Viscosity at 100oC 7.9 mm2/s
Density at 15oC 0.840 g/ml

Specific to:

Make Reference Number
G 052 182 A2
G 052 182 A2

Product Data Sheet