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Euro Antifreeze/Coolant

Premium Antifreeze/Coolant


Euro ++ Concentrate is a premium long-life antifreeze concentrate based on monoethylene glycol. Contains no nitrates, amines, or phosphates. Provides reliable protection for use in aluminum or iron engines. Euro ++ Concentrate provides superior corrosion and rust protection of water-cooled automobile engine cooling system components.

All European coolants come with a easy to use 4 liter bottle with a retractable and collapsable spout.


• Suitable for iron and aluminum engines
• Latest technology for modern engines
• Superior anti-corrosion properties allow longer life
• Protection against foaming and cavitation
• Matches OE coloration

Appearance Red-Magenta
Density at 20oC 1.12 g/cm3
Freezing Point
-94°F/ -70°C
Flash Point >100°C
Boiling Point ** >320°F/170°C

Water Content <3%
pH-Value ~8
Mixing Ratio With Water 50/50
Boiling Point With Water** 225°F/107°C
Freezing Point With Water -35°F/-37°C

**Using a psi 15 (103 kPa) pressure cap at sea level

Specific to:
Make Reference Number
Audi G012A8G1G
Volkswagen G012A8G1G

In compliance with the following specifications:
ASTM 03306 BS 6580
VWTL 774-G (G12++) SAE Jl034
AFNOR NF R 15-601 Scania TB 1451

Product Data Sheet