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Euro Concentrate Antifreeze/Coolant

Premium Antifreeze/Coolant


Euro Concentrate is a premium antifreeze concentrate based on monoethylene glycol. Contains no nitrates, amines, or phosphates. Provides reliable protection for use in aluminum or iron engines. Euro Concentrate provides superior corrosion and rust protection of water-cooled automobile engine cooling system components.

All European coolants come with a easy to use 4 liter bottle with a retractable and collapsable spout.


• For use in both iron and aluminum engines
• Superior anti-corrosion properties allow longer life
• Protection against foaming and cavitation
• Matches OE coloration

Appearance Blue
Density at 20oC 1.12 g/cm3
Freezing Point
-94°F/ -70°C
Flash Point > 100°C
Boiling Point ** > 320°F/160°C

Water Content <3%
pH-Value ~7.5 – 9.0
Mixing Ratio With Water 50/50
Boiling Point With Water** 225°F/107°C
Freezing Point With Water -35°F/-37°C

**Using a psi 15 (103 kPa) pressure cap at sea level

Specific to:
Make Reference Number
BMW 82141467704
Audi ZVW Z37 105
Volkswagen ZVW Z37 105
Volvo 9434699-6

In compliance with the following specifications:
ASTM D3306/D 4985 MAN 324 NF/Pritader
AFNOR NF R 15-601 MINI N60069.0
BS 6580 MTU MTL 5048
SAE J1034 Opel/GM B 040 0240
BMW N60069.0 VWTL 774-C (G11)

Product Data Sheet